If I Was a Millionaire Essay

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Good morning everybody! If I had a million dollars, well, let's see, I would be filthy rich! There are endless choices of things you can do with a million dollars. In fact, people are already rapidly climbing the ranks to become millionaires. Well, not me. I'm just wishing I had a million dollars. If I had a million dollars, I would give half of it to my parents because they are the world to me. I would also do the same thing all millionaires do, give to charity. When I have so much money, why not share with the ones who don't? I would donate to a lot of charities like Red Cross, World Wide Fund and MMF. But to donate, I'd need money to support me also. I get a job as a child actor like Daniel Radcliffe to support my expensive lifestyle. I'd ask the right person to hook me up in the latest movie to be made. From that, I'd get a lot of money and get famous. Since I'm famous, I meet famous people like Bill Gates, Tim Cook and many more. If I had a million dollars, I would retire early. The acting job goes out the window at age 35 for no reason. I just want to enjoy and life to the fullest when I have the opportunity. I would drive around after dismissing my chauffeur who drove for me as a kid. I would do a lot of sports like surfing, skydiving and much

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