If I Could Change One Thing About My School

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If I could change one thing about my school what would it be? At school we all have this little problem that is known as homework. Homework is something that we grieve to do after school. I know that homework is supposed to help you practice the skills that you learned that day, but this statement doesn’t agree with everyone. What I am trying to say is that homework has to have some rules and limits. First of all we are given too much homework on a daily basis. Second of all homework is worth too much on our grade cards. And third of all our homework sometimes is something that we didn’t get to see during class. These problems maybe only a few but they affect how we learn as an individual. As I said before, we are given too much homework. At my school we are told that our homework shouldn’t take us more than two hours. But, gradually our teachers have been adding more and more homework. We, as students, should have a stable amount of homework every night. If we have a lot of homework, usually, the student just wants to get over it and won’t try his best on the homework assignments. But on the other hand, if the student has an amount of homework that is adequate to his average capability he will be more than likely want to actually…show more content…
But shouldn’t it gradually change our score? For example there is a student who is a great test taker and gets above average on his entire test bringing him to at least an A on his average grade. Then how about this, what if he turns in his homework and his grade is out of ten questions and misses four of them. That would make his homework have a grade of a D. Then when the D gets added to the grade card it automatically drops your grade to a B. We should have the homework be graded not whole like a test that can drop a letter grade but like a practice that helps boost your score. So if we did it this way the student will still have an A. This would improve all of the student’s

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