If Hitler Asked You To Electrocute A Stranger Would You Analysis

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Heid 1 Jennifer Heid Professor Harris English 1000 29, February, 2014 Final Draft Do you think there could be another event like the holocaust due to the amount of Obedience to an Authority figure? In Philip Meyers article, “If Hitler Asked You to Electrocute a Stranger, Would You?” A social psychologist named Stanly Milgram, working at Yale at the time, put his theory on obedience to the test. Milgram uses cause and effect to find his theory. Milgram uses actors to act a scene where the “ learner’ gets electrocuted by the “teacher” to show obedience to the authority figure. In addition, in Milgram’s theory of obedience, he uses “teachers,” which are the “subject” to authority. Milgram also uses “learners,” which are the students that are part of the act, and “authority,” which is the authority figure to the “ teacher” to help find the conditions of the overall effect on obedience in Milgram’s experiment. In Milgram’s Obedience to authority experiment a major cause is by the authority’s attire. Mr. Williams is the authority figure used in Milgram’s experiments. In addition, to Milgram’s experiment using Mr. William as the authority agent, he also uses “subjects” to form obedience also , “inside you will met a young…show more content…
In result, to Milgram’s experiment, he showed an event like the Holocaust could occur again due to the findings on obedience to authority figure. Milgram proves that obedience by an authority figure really does happen, could happen and could result in taking someone’s life or causing pain upon them just because he has the authority and demands to proceed to shock the “subject”. In conclusion, Obedience in the world is a big deal and can have a crucial effect on many people in the world and can cause an event like the Holocaust to happen in the world

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