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My experience with Genie I am a doctor who discovered this little girl named Genie. She has many disabilities. As a child she was forced to sit in a chair for many years. She was neglected by her parents and did was not able to live a normal life. Her parents were nonexistent in her life, her dad shot himself after the findings of Genie. Genie was also taken away from her mother who later dies. I started helping Genie two years after she was discovered. I had the privilege of working with her for the next three years. During that time I was able to help Genie overcome some of her problems. I was able to help her better her walking ability, her speech, and to basically understand the world around us. It took us a year to work on her walk and stance. It was very difficult for her to walk because she was strapped to a chair and not all of her muscles had developed properly. Genie was not allowed out of the house her speech was very slurred. We worked on her speech every day. I had to be very patient with her because I had to teach her the meaning of words and how to say them. She was learning the words but doing it at a slower pace than most people had. I had performed many simple experiments with Genie to try and get her to understand the actual meanings of use of words and apply them to an object or picture. One of the experiments I had done was I had placed out many objects on a table and I held up a card and said a name of one of the objects. Genie would then go and retrieve that object from the table. We had practiced this everyday. To keep Genie from just memorizing the words and objects I would alternate them and I would add or take away different objects everyday. Genie was also very playful. I would always bring her outside so hat she could get some fresh air and to see nature. Genie loved the outside world and she would always try to talk to

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