'If God Was Truly Good He Would Not Permit Evil' Discuss. (15)

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Evil is something caused by living things with free will which is intended to cause harm or misery to something or someone else, though different people have different views on what evil is. One argument is the atheist argument, and that God can’t exist if he allows evil. John Mill, an atheist philosopher, says that God can’t be real because if he was then he would not allow this much suffering to happen, especially to innocent people. Another non-religious view is that sometimes bad things happen, not because a ‘God’ has made it, but just because not everything that happens in the world is good. For example, there was a mini-bus crash where 12 children and a teacher were killed, and an atheist would say the mini-bus and lorry were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and that it certainly did not have anything to do with God. Some Christians would say that God gave humans free will, and with this, humans can commit evil things. God did not just make us all good and without free will, because without it God would be forcing goodness on us, which would mean we would not be truly good people and it would be a fake goodness. Other Christians say that God permits evil because it is his way of testing our faith for him. An example of this is in the bible, when Abrahams’ faith is tested by God when God tells him to sacrifice his son. He agrees, and Christians say this is Gods way of knowing our faith is true and not weak. Personally, I think that evil is just a description of how people can act. For instance bullying, abuse and murder is evil. I also agree a little bit with the Aesthetic argument, in that it does take something bad for us to see the contrast, so we can appreciate the good. However, I don’t think this is down to
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