Iem Regulations on Professional Conduct

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THE PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (IEM) Questions applicable to Section B of the Essay as at 1.1.2011 Questions on Regulations on Professional Conduct The main purpose of these questions is to provide an opportunity for the candidates to demonstrate their professionalism. A candidate should have gained some understanding of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct before entering for the Professional interview. A candidate would be expected to demonstrate:- a) That he has thought sufficiently about the role of the engineer in the society vis-à-vis his Professional Conduct. b) That he can write in clear and concise manner that is intelligible to laymen. Candidate would be expected to answer only 1 question out of 2 selected by the Examiners from among the 13 questions listed below:- 1. As a young engineer, you are instructed by your employer to prepare a bankable report for a prospective project based on the information provided by your employer. You have no access to ascertain the reliability of the information provided. In light of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct, how do you advise your employer so that you may complete your assignment with integrity? 2. You are assigned by your employer to prospect an area for an extractable material. However, in the course of your work, you discover no such object material but some other valuable material which your employer is not interested. On the other hand, the information which you have is of great importance to the adjoining interest. As an engineer can you release the particular information which you have to the other party so that the other valuable material may be explored? Please discuss taking into consideration provisions of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct. 3. Engr X is a project engineer for a project contracted to Y Company owned by Mr Z. Mr Z tells Engr X that he
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