Iem Question 1

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1) As a young engineer, you are instructed by your employer to prepare a bankable report for a prospective project based on the information provided by your employer. You have no access to ascertain the reliability of the information provided. In light of the IEM Regulations on Professional Conduct, how do you advise your employer so that you may complete your assignment with integrity? Engineering is a challenging profession compared to other professional profession. A challenge an engineer normally faced in his or her routine include instructed by their employee to prepare a bankable report but with no access to ascertain the reliability of the information provided. It is possible that the information’s provided is the only info that the Employer had obtained also. In light of the IEM Regulation on Professional Conduct, it is necessary for me to inform my employer in writing of any conflict between my personal interest and faithful services to my employer. The impacts could either causing positive or negative effects to other peoples or even the community. Recently, the Government had implemented Consultancy Service Tendering where the consultants would be required to prepare the Technical and Financial Report. The Technical report would include the methodology, approach and designs for the project. The information provided and obtained would generally not sufficient. Based on engineering judgement to my best knowledge, any possible negative effects due to the project would need to be highlighted. It is the engineer obligation to report honestly and professionally even it may cause my employer to lose in the bidding. Normally in private sector’s project, profit would be the first priority to the developer. Developer would prefer consultant to cut cost by reduce the test frequency and to reduce the safety factors to the minimum in design. Another
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