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Q11 You are in a position of responsibility administering an institution of higher learning with limited resources. You have been assigned to revise the engineering curriculum and directed to increase the number of graduates. From the standpoint of professional conduct, describe the necessary curriculum contents which must be included so as not to compromise the engineering standards. Answer by Lee Choo Yong G29738 Engineering education is important to train good quality engineer who would be able to take up challenging task and responsibility in carrying out the duty. I shall take few factors into account when revising engineering curriculum. Engineering accreditation handbook published by engineering accreditation council (EAC) under Board of Engineers Malaysia shall be the master guideline to refer for either developing or revising engineering curriculum. This is to ensure that engineering degree awarded by the institution of higher learning is recognized by BEM and IEM for registration as graduate engineer under Engineer Act 1967. Outcome based approach shall be adopted to ensure that student would acquire knowledge and skills. The first necessary curriculum content is engineering fundamental and knowledge. The mimimum credit hour for graduation is set to 120 housr and 80 hours shall be core engineering course depending of discpline of major. The curriculum shall cover Engineering mathematics, computing, engineering principles, and specialization. For example, electrical courses shall train student in high voltage engineering, power system protection, field and circuit, electrical machine and drive so that they have solid foundation to get ready for design, field work and plant operation. On the other hand, comphrensive laboratary syllabus shall be designed to compliment theoretical study. This is important because engineer shall know to apply theoretical

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