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Qualities of people that are needed in today's world can not be learnt in universities or other academic institutions. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 提纲 Paragraph 1: Topic: I agree with it. Paragraph 2: Supports: The knowledge we learned in school can’t be easily applied to the real life. The quality of university education is dropping. Paragraph 3: The other side of the “Coin” Paragraph 4: Conclusion It might not be very difficult to discover an obvious phenomenon that more and more college graduates encounter difficulties in finalizing a job nowadays, which, one way or another, brings forth certain doubts as well as discussions over the relationship between the qualities of people that are needed in the society and the education level of universities and other academic institutions. As far as I am concerned, I think the knowledge that has been acquired in schools can’t very well match the requirements of this fast-developing and competitive world. (89) Firstly, it seems unbelievable for college graduates to face so much tension and obstruction finding a job, who have already been well educated and trained in schools for more than 15 years. The discrepancies between what the society needs and what the graduates have learnt can be shown, directly or indirectly, from one of the most common requirements, a certain period of working experience or interrelationship, listed by the employers and HR managers of companies, implying that what we learned in schools can’t be easily applied to the real life. At the second thought, the entrance to universities has become easier and easier than before and many “donators” who paid rather than drudged to enter universities have taken schools as their paradise of relaxation, which undoubtedly lowers the quality of the college graduates. (133)

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