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Speaking test 1 Part 1 | - Please come in and take a seat. I can see your name here. What would you like me to call you? - Well, can I see your passport, please? I need to look at it for security purposes. - Thank you. - Where do you come from? Tell me about your country. - What is your general opinion about your home town? - What are the things of interest in that place? - Do you live with your family? - What do your parents do? - Would you like to do the same job as your parents? - Do you have a large or small family? - Who does most of the shopping in your family? - Do you enjoy shopping? - Do you work at the moment? - Have you ever had any other jobs? - How will IELTS help you in the future? - What are your main interests? - What other indoor activities do you enjoy? - How would you describe your life style? - What is life like for you in your home town? - Are you married? - Are you happy with your marital life? | Part 2 | Try to discuss points about marriage ceremony. You should include: - what happens at a typical wedding ceremony in your country? - how is it different from a typical wedding in Britain? - do you have any memories of .your / your friend's wedding ceremony? | Part 3 | - What roles do men / women typically play in families in your country? - How different is your life from the lives of your parents / grandparents? - How have these roles changed recently? - Entertainment is a very important part of our lives. Most people listen to the radio or watch television. How did people entertain themselves before these things came into existence? - Do you think radio and television have had a positive effect on the world? - Has television stopped family members from communicating with each other? - Is there too much violence on television these days? - Does violence on television or on video contribute to

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