Ielts Essay

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Contents Unit Topic 1 O People and relationships Exam practice Vocabulary S k ill S u b -s k ills Nouns fo r people and relationships; adjectives to describe character Listening Recognizing Listening adjectives from Section 4 th e ir endings; MCQs w orking out the meaning of words from listening context Page num ber 6 2 Health Nouns fo r sym ptom s; verbs fo r treatm ents Reading Recognizing synonyms and collocations Reading T/F/NG 10 3 Education Nouns for academic subjects; verbs fo r academic study W riting Choosing the righ t part of speech; w ritin g in an academic style W riting Task 2 14 4 Adventure Verbs and nouns fo r travelling; adjectives to describe experiences Speaking Speaking Expressing Part 2 fin e r shades of meaning; using common and less common vocabulary; word stress 5 Gadgets Nouns to describe Listening dim ensions; verbs to describe processes Collocations; words with different senses Listening Sections 1 and 2 labelling a diagram classifying 22 6 Cities Nouns associated with human geography; adjectives to describe places Recognizing superordinate term s; recognizing positive and negative connotation Reading matching headings 26 Reading 18 Unit Topic V ocabulary S k ill S u b -s k ills Exam practice Page nu m be r 7 The art of persuasion Reporting verbs; nouns associated w ith persuasion W riting Expressing d iffe re nt points of view; presenting an argum ent W riting Task 2 30 8 Getting involved Nouns fo r form s of entertainm ent; verbs associated w ith involvem ent Speaking Expressing likes and dislikes; using phrasal verbs; pronouncing the le tte r 's ’ Speaking Part 1 34

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