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HOW TO USE THE PRACTICE TESTS Whether you choose the Academic practice tests or the General Training Practice Tests, you receive a similar package. This package will be: 5 sets of question papers (including listening, reading, writing and speaking) 2 answer sheets (for listening and reading) 5 audio recordings for the listening tests 3 audio recordings with the example speaking tests example essays and examiner's reports the examiner's reports on the 3 example speaking tests The 5 sets of question papers, 2 answer sheets, example essays and examiner's reports, and the speaking tests examiner's reports are in PDF format. To look at these you need to have Adobe Acrobat reader on your computer. If you do not have this already on your computer, it is available on this internet site. The listening test recordings and the example speaking tests recordings are in wav and mp3 format and we suggest that you download these files onto your computer as soon as possible so that you then have access to them at any time after your password has expired. You can listen to them directly on the internet but streaming problems may make it difficult for you to get a quality listening in this way. So, to buy first go through the purchase procedure to get access to the download pages. When you get to the download pages, you can do 2 things: 1. Print the Practice Test question papers, answer papers, examiner's reports and audio scripts and listen to the audios directly from the download page. 2. Save the question papers, answer papers, audio scripts, examiner's reports and audio recordings to your computer so you can print them out or listen to them later in your own time. The procedure for saving them is on the download page. We would recommend that you follow the 2nd of these 2 options. When you have saved the 5 Academic tests and

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