Idm Diploma in Digital Marketing Assignment 1 – Get Kids Going (Gkg!)

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William Paterson IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing Assignment 1 – Get Kids Going (GKG!) 04.04.2014 Berlin Contents: 1. Executive summary 2. Situation analysis 3. Objectives 4. Strategy 5. Implementation plan 6. Budget 7. Appendices 8. References 1. Executive summary This report provides a one year Strategic Digital Marketing Plan for children’s mobility charity Get Kids Going! (GKG!). Theoretically starting at the beginning of 2014, with a view to developing the strategy into 2016. An initial one-year digital programme covering 2014, with an allocated budget of £200,000 shows how GKG! can raise £350,000 and a strategic approach to extending fundraising activities into 2016. As the case study provides little information about specific target groups, the analysis initially addresses two main groups of interest: sports participants (who currently account for 80% of GKG!’s revenue) and direct donors; who show most potential for growth, as well as the UK charity sector as a whole. GKG! needs to explore new avenues for earning income, as their current business model relies heavily on selling marathon spaces, which are in limited supply. The report examines how GKG! can add cycling sponsorship to their fundraising activities, alongside revealing new routes for creating revenue. In addition to the sports events, GKG! has supported 50 Paralympians in the past, and this report shows how leveraging the social media channels of the Paralympians, to create ambassadors for GWK! will play a vital role in raising the profile of the charity. By targeting a younger target group that is both active in social media via a range of viral videos and storytelling, the report examines how to create an emotional trigger to maximise donations. This, and offering new and simple ways of donation (via SMS), will make it easier for people to donate and find

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