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Idle No More protesters stall railway lines, highways 5-hour blockade of railways between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal First Nations demonstrators stopped passenger railway traffic lines between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal today, while others stalled major highways and rail lines in parts of Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick and Ontario as part of the Idle No More Movement's national day of action. Protesters also gathered in Windsor, Ont., near the Ambassador Bridge to Michigan, slowing down traffic to North America's busiest border crossing for several hours, the CBC's Allison Johnson reported. Activities including rallies, blockades and prayer circles were staged across the country Wednesday as part of the grassroots movement calling for more attention to changes that were contained in Bill C-45, the Conservative government's controversial omnibus budget bill that directly affected First Nations communities. Aboriginal leaders say there has been a lack of consultation on changes to environmental protection regulations. Idle No More protesters set up a blockade east of Toronto, halting railway traffic for about five hours between Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, Via Rail said. The demonstration blocked traffic between Belleville, Ont., and Kingston, Ont., Wednesday afternoon, affecting 10 trains and delaying more than 850 passengers. It ended at about 7 p.m. when protesters left the area without incident, Ontario Provincial Police said. Rail line shut down in northern B.C. In northern B.C., over 100 people from Gitwangak First Nation blocked a CN Rail line east of Terrace. CN Rail spokesman Jim Feeny said it is an important line that carries both passenger and freight traffic and links the port of Prince Rupert with the rest of North America. The line was shut down due to safety concerns and at least one train was re-routed. The blockade, which began

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