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If the conversation is boring, the only way to keep it going is to be random. Sometimes, guys like girls who keep things spontaneous, it keeps them on their feet! Don't ask obnoxiously random things, but random things that are INTERESTING. Also, remember that most of the time, guys are not good texters. I asked a few guys if they liked texting, and they said that they weren't crazy about it. It's not that they're uninterested, it's just that some guys generally don't like to text. A lot of guys probably don't even realize that giving one word answers comes off as bored. Anyway, one option: Say "Hey, let's play a game :)" and then he'll ask you what game. Afterwards, suggest that you play "this or that" or "would you rather," and then start the game. Those games can be very interesting and it's a good way to learn information about people! :) Another option: Ask him things you want to know about him. This worked out great for my crush last year. There were some things I wanted to find out, so I figured out ways to casually incorporate it into our conversations. I wouldn't just come right out and ask it, but I started conversations that would eventually lead into my question. Here are some other ideas: Ask him what he's doing for the holidays, if he's asking for anything special (for the holidays), what he plans on getting his family (for the holidays), ask him if he likes a certain song (And then you guys could start talking about music), ask him about certain classes or teachers (if they are the same), what he's doing for summer, etc. Don't over-think it and pretend like it's not a big deal. That will make it 10 times easier

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