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As we create our own “Story” in the twenty-first century, we are faced with analyzing the economic models we see today. We know that God created the world, made up of both material and spiritual. Throughout time people and events have helped shape our world in which we see today. The Christian worldview that we have in our western culture today has been contributed by vast series of events in history. However, the humanism worldviewʼs of the West have kept up with Christianity since the eighteenth century. Through history we have seen the changes and developments occurring around these two different worldviewʼs and these events have made an impact on the way we live our daily lives. We can begin by looking at consumerism which stems from “The Scientific Revolution” in the sixteenth and seventeenth century: which gave way for a scientific methods for humankind and a sense of progress to the Western culture. A century later brought the Enlightenment era; the progress in which scientific laws and reasons brought humankind faith. Eventually this lead to the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century; the era of technology and economical growth. As a result consumerism has contributed in producing different Western life around economic growth. Also, it has created different aspects of social and cultural life, we start to see the separation of social classes: lower, middle and higher. Consumerism in a way has defined our essence, it separates us from others within our society. Having an excessive amount of " 2 “stuff” shouldnʼt define who we are, but rather we should have self control and responsibility for Gods gifts. Many people who choose to live a life of consumerism are so preoccupied by having the best computers, and most expensive cars. Eventually this chosen lifestyle creates a story based on fabrications filled with emptiness and sorrow. They become

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