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Idiot Nation In Michael Moore’s writing of “Idiot Nation”, he states that, obviously enough, we live in a nation of idiots. He argues that the education system is failing and the causes as to why he believes that. These including the wrong people being in charge, lack of funding, and also a lack of care for the education system. He supports this by using specific examples, asking questions that need to be asked, and saying things that others are too afraid to say. He also succeeds at appealing to his targeted audience through a loose, but serious, form of humor. Moore presents his arguments very well. He doesn’t over talk any of his topics and makes it very clear and easy to follow. While we do live in a nation of idiots, the wrong people, the teachers and students, are being blamed and the blame falls solely on the higher ups and the government. Moore’s purpose in writing this essay is to educate people on what is really behind the failing education system, mostly public schools. He hopes to get all people held to the same standard. He does not want factors such as social class, where somebody went to school, who their parents are, or what level of education they’ve had to determine whether or not people are considered “Smart” or “Successful”. He argues that people with the highest level of education can have less knowledge than someone with no education, or that is stereotyped as stupid. Moore says, about jocks on the sports show Two-Minute Drill, “To look at these testosterone-loaded bruisers you would guess that they were a bunch of illiterates…In fact, they are geniuses. They can answer all thirty obscure trivia questions in less than 120 seconds. That’s four seconds a question” (Moore 129). He also proves this through the results of multiple choice surveys that were conducted with college students in schools like Yale and Harvard. The one he refers to

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