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Why is the Australian Identity so difficult to define? "I am, you are, we are Australian' these lyrics are from the iconic song "I am Australain" by Bruce Woodley, but what does 'Australian' really mean? How can we be called 'Australian' in a definitive manner when Australia is so young and so diverse? Answering these questions is a major obstacle to overcome to get down to the nitty-gritty of what being Australian really is. As times changed so does the Australian identity and many have yet to realise, hence the continuation of stereotypes. As Australia is such a culturally diverse nation, the stereotypical Australian identity as a bushranger, ride-a-kangaroo-to-school, drink Victoria Bitter and Commodore-driving larrikin is somewhat segregating and void to an extent. Another stereotype is that of a BBQ loving, beach going surfer with blonde hair and blue eyes. These contradictory sterotypes are projected by Australia (namely Tourism Australia) to countries overseas and as other countries begin to percieve Australia as these aforementioned sterotypes, Australians are pressured to fit in to the label they are given, often forgetting their rich amalgam of a myriad of cultures. Dr Simon Longstaff writes "There may have been a time when it was relatively easy to give the sort of answer that would have commanded the assent of the vast majority of Australians." What Dr Longstaff is conveying is that in the past, the Australian culture was clearly defined by the Anglo-Saxon cultural dominance, and that the cultural diversity has drastically changed over time to the point that the Australian identity isn't defined by the parameters that were set in the past. He goes on to say that "...there are so many different sources contributing to the country's social alamgam." This quote further reitorates the fact that the Australian identity needs to be a multicultrual

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