Ideology Behind Branding Essay

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| ICM | | Philosophy: Mr. SluijsLetice Braun 11071095 | Ideology behind Branding | What are the links between Neuroscience, Branding and Philosophy? | Introduction After doing desk research on Branding it is noticeable that branding is all about authenticity and making people believe that your Brand is the very best. Kevin Roberts, CEO of advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, refers to brands as “Lovemarks”, meaning that in his eyes the best trademark appeal to us simply because we love what they stand for (What is branding; Mathew Healey, 2010, page 28). Besides this, brand specialists strongly believe that stories, emotions and experiences appeal to their consumers. They taught is based on the ideology that the brain is separated in two parts, the left and the right side. The left half of the brain is the rational part: It adds up facts, compares prices and obediently ranks the pros and cons, whereas the right half of our brain is the intuitive half. It desires are based on the fun aspects of appealing objects/things. (What is branding; Mathew Healey, 2010, page 29) In this following essay I will be elaborating on the left and right brain ideology, besides that I will explain how closely linked our senses are to our buying behaviors and finally I will give summarize the ideology of famous Western philosophers. The plan in this stage is to link the contemporary brand management to the minds of the world’s greatest Western Philosophers. I will be mentioning 6 philosophical tips that caught my attention the most and I will explain how I believe they link with our taught about branding nowadays. My mission is to paint you a picture of how these philosophers might be thinking about branding, if they were alive today. To be able to do this I used a Book written by Thom Braun, further in my essay you will notice it. To give you a

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