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Ideological Combat in Temple of Doom and Gladiator Essay

  • Submitted by: allisonmargolis
  • on December 2, 2013
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The use of combat has been a strong theme in film throughout time and functions to portray ideological beliefs of society. In both Temple of Doom and Gladiator, Lucas and Scott respectively portray concepts about American imperialism and fascism and how the use of spectacle and combat affects each concept. Each film also represents contemporary society through these concepts and attempts to alter society through ideological characters. Temple of Doom and Gladiator are direct reflections of opinions of Lucas and Scott on events in American culture and on society’s negative ideological believes with their use of imperialism, fascism and patriarchy through combat.
Temple of Doom is seen as a racist film by its portrayal of Indiana Jones as an ideological figure of American imperialism. The aristocratic “other” is portrayed as evil while the unprivileged “other” is portrayed as deprived and needing an American savior. When Indy enters the village, the people are represented as sympathetic and provide contrast to Indy’s status, as he is portrayed as enlightened and paternalistic to the villagers because they are his objects of research (Postone, Traube 2). When he first arrives they chant how they have been waiting for him, which provides Indy with American superiority and shows how he ideologically represents American imperialism because they require his assistance to save their village. He also displays his imperialism in the Pankot Palace in contrast with the people who are depicted as alien and evil. In the banquet scene, the depiction of the “other” is represented by the repugnant food that they consume (Postone, Traube 5). This culinary distraction from the historical plotline of the narrative depicts them as disgusting as a result of their cuisine in contrast with American “normal” cuisine. Therefore, demeaning views of the other cultures in the film help to portray Indiana Jones as a symbol of American imperialism and savior.
In Gladiator, Maximus is...

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