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What should David Boyle do regarding the Handspring project? The real strength of IDEO is the process in how they arrive at a design. This involves an elaborate five phase system that has yielded over time, outstanding results. A.) Phase 0: Understand/Observe B.) Phase 1: Visualize/Realize C.) Phase 2: Evaluating/Refining D.) Phase 3: Implement (detailed engineering) E.) Phase 4: Implement (manufacturing liaison) It is the unique process IDEO has to design that captured the attention of ABC’s Nightline and has led countless awards for design. In fact, this process has touched the lives of Americans by designing everything from the mouse for Apple back in the early 1980s to the Palm Pilot portable defibrillator in the mid 1990s. The issue is the short timeline in which to complete the project. Although IDEO could more than deliver in the condensed timeframe, the level of innovation that could compete with the likes of Palm Pilot would not reach the heights possible. Features such as Lithium Ion batteries and a refined housing could be possible if more time was allocated to the initial phases of the design process. As a result, it is the responsibility of David Boyle to inform Mr. Hawkins that postponing the launch could pay great dividends without veering into over-engineering. This launch delay while short, would, based off past success history with Palm, deliver future benefits beyond what is sacrificed in timing. Why do firms employing hundreds of thousands of developers come to IDEO? Firms all over the country with their own design/developing departments come to IDEO for one simple reason, since the firm’s founding, nobody does it better. The design process the founder David Kelley fashioned has yielded unqualified success for a varied and diverse product selection. Results for products designed by IDEO achieve unparalleled sales and market impact for

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