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2nd Case Reading, IDEO Product Development – Assignment Q&A 1. IDEO's process, organization, culture and management. 1) Process In IDEO’s design process, two processes are central. They are brainstorming and prototype session. They actually went hand in hand. Through these two processes IDEO developed their innovative ideas from rough prototypes into actual products. IDEO’s product development process followed several phases. But despite the phases delineated above, IDEO had mixed feelings about formalizing any aspect of the innovative process. IDEO executive says it’s delicate balance between process and innovation. 2) Organization IDEO went through rapid growth of their employees during its history. By fact sheet provided by, IDEO has 550+ employees. They were categorized in 13 disciplines(Branding, Business design, Communication design, Food science, Software engineering, and so on). They were also working in 9 cities all around world. To preserve its creativity from bureaucracy, IDEO maintained its organization unique. Besides president and CEO, David Kelley, the rest of IDEO's organization structure is flat. And the size of each unit was limited. 3) Culture (1) Creative & Innovative When doing their project, they both focus on design and engineering. Thinking like a designer makes their products more creative and aesthetically pleasing; thinking like a engineer makes their products innovative on the technology competency. Applying those ideas, IDEO has developed many creative and innovative works, which make IDEO differentiate from his competitors and won many of industrial award. (2) Endured failure & comfortable with messy Unlike most of the big & successful corporation, IDEO can endure failure & comfortable with messy. During the process of generating idea, not all of their idea will become final results. People won't

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