Identity Theft Prevention

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Identity Theft 1 Identity Theft Prevention 2 Protecting the Social Security Card At the signing of the Social Security Act in 1953, could Franklin D. Roosevelt ever have imagined a future filled with theft using the nine digit number that was about to be issued to every American. No one could foresee a new generation of crime emerging. Now, we must understand how the crime is committed in order to protect ourselves. 3 The Internet Security and Passwords Unfortunately, identification theft does not end with safe guarding the social security card. The internet poses a whole new list of threats. There are some basic guidelines to follow to keep safe. 4 Create a “strong” password by using six or more numbers…show more content…
The credit companies can be an ally once all the necessary documentation is filed and the authorities are notified. Credit counseling services are available that may be able to assist in cleaning up bad credit do to fraud. An attorney may also be necessary. The process is exasperating and will be disruptive. Stay calm but can be cleaned up. “There are four things to do after identity theft occurs. Following these instructions are the first steps to beginning the healing process; close all accounts affected by the theft, place a fraud alert with all three major credit bureaus, put a complaint into the FTC and file a report with the local authorities (Federal Trade Commission, n.d.).” There happens to be some good news, despite the disruption of life. Most credit card companies and banks are insured and will more than likely replace lost or stolen money and merchandise within 10 days. As the crime grows, so does education of such crimes which helps law enforcement agencies to tighten the ropes on these criminals. Thinking outside of the box…show more content…
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