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Identity Theft Tami R. Haggerton AJS/572 – Cybercrime and Information Systems Security April 7, 2014 Duane W. Houser, CISSP Identity Theft in the Cyber World What is Identity Theft? Everyone deserves a certain level of protection for both their person and property. The Constitution of the United States ensures every citizen that right. However, there is always someone who is looking for a quick way to earn a living and enjoy economic wealth without working 40 hour week. Instead, these individuals work hard at deception to prosper from the labors of others. At one time Identity theft involved stealing mail, digging through trash, or even stealing a purse or wallet. However, with the ever-growing technological age a thief can take your identity from halfway around the world. There are a number of methods used to deceive and receive. Below are a few of the methods used and some of the practices that will protect your identity and keep your personal information secure. Types of Crimes Associated with Identity Theft Social Engineering Social engineering identity theft occurs when an individual contacts a target via the telephone, in person, or over the internet and request personal information (Center for Identity Management and Information Protection, 2009). Many times this involves someone the victim knows such as a family member or someone from a local business they frequent. Credit or Debit Card Theft Credit or Debit card theft is accomplished in a number of methods. Your credit card information can is copied by anyone you give your card to for purchases “skimming” (Center for Identity Management and Information Protection, 2009). Using unsecure websites while, making purchases online, creates an opening for hackers to gather your personal information including your card numbers, expiration dates, and security codes. Man-in-the-Middle

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