Identity Theft Essay

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CJ Realities and Challenges Research Paper Cybercrime is a rapidly rising venue for identity theft. One of the most recent and wide spread crimes is identity theft though cyber crime. Internet is used by almost every person in the world and the more information inputted into the computer the higher the chances of identity theft. The impact on the victim can be devastating. The United States Department of Justice calls identity theft the crime of the new millennium. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been declared as the federal clearinghouse for identity theft, and thus has been designated as the lead coordinating agency in the fight against identity theft. As businesses and financial transactions become more and more computer and Internet dependent, the reality of increased economic crime grows exponentially, fueled by the rapid growth of technology. Most criminologists concur that white-collar crime is more pervasive, serious, and costly than any other type, it is also among the most difficult to combat. The Internet provides criminals with abundant opportunities for wrongdoing. Identity theft is one of the biggest cyber crimes (Mann, 2006). Identity theft, as defined by the FBI, is the criminal act of assuming someone else's identity for some gain, generally monetary. The FBI further breaks identity theft into two types, account takeover and account creation. Account takeover is defined as the use of a victims current accounts to make purchases, 38% of individuals have been victims of this form of identity theft (FBI, 2003). The second type of identity theft, account creation, is the use of personal identification data to open new accounts in the victim's name. According to the FTC's statistical data on the reported cases of identity theft, from 1999 to 2004, the number of victims rose from

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