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QUESTION: SECURITY A the world strives towards becoming a global economy powered by information technology, a recent buzz phrase, identity theft, may become a deterrent in this effort, since information technology is facilitating this crime. In many recorded instances, the burden of proof is on the victim and as such persons are skeptical of the protection provided by technology. You are required to produce a report in identity theft that discusses, but is not limited to, the following: – the definition of “identity theft” – technology used to create and capture one’s identity – technology used to facilitate identity theft – crimes committed as a result of identity theft – the possibility of identity theft becoming widespread in Jamaica and the Caribbean – current and future technology to deter or eliminate identity theft – the legal and social issues of identity theft – the impact of identity theft on the growth of the global economy. What is Identity Theft? Identity theft is the term used to explain crimes involving the illegal use of another individual's identity. Though the term “identity theft” is new, the act getting benefits by pretending to be a someone else is thousands of years old. Identity theft is sub-divided into four main categories: 1. Financial Identity Theft: This is the use of another's identity to obtain goods and services. An example of a typical financial crime is when a criminal gets a loan from a financial institution by impersonating someone else. To do this, they present an accurate name, address, birth date and other information that the lender requires as a means of establishing identity. This kind of crime is considered non-self-revealing, although authorities may be able to track down the criminal if the funds for the loan were mailed to them. 2. Criminal Identity Theft: This is posing as another

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