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Desirae Talley Speech 1010 October 23, 2012 Specific Purpose: To inform my classmates about identity theft and how to prevent it. Central Idea: Identity theft is the largest undocumented crime Introduction: Have you ever wondered are you the only one using your information? Did you know that as of 2007, 8.4 million Americans have been the victims of identity theft? In the Identity Theft for dummies book, it states that in 2007, U.S. Congress recognized the growth of identity theft and amended the Identity Theft Deterrence Act, making identity theft a crime I. What is Identity theft? A. Identity theft is defined as stealing someone’s personal information that is used for improper use, and without the person’s knowledge. B. Identity theft can be broken down to three parts a. Financial b. Criminal c. Medical C. Types of Identity Theft a. Financial Identity Theft 1. Financial identity theft is theft that will eventually hurt someone pockets 2. Some activities include; credit card fraud, tax and mail fraud, and passing bad checks b. Criminal Identity theft 1. Criminal identity theft is theft that is going to hurt someone’s criminal record. 2. Criminal identity theft is used to commit crimes in another person’s name, and to finance criminal’s activities with the use of credit cards, selling other’s identities, and even terrorism. c. Medical Identity Theft 1. This theft is used when in need for medical attention. D. Who Does Identity Theft Affect a. Identity theft males, females, infants and toddlers b. Anyone with a social security number and birthday can be subject to identity theft II. What Information is Venerable? A. Social Security Number a. This is the key to the kingdom, you

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