Identity Theft Essay

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Dominic Ellis Chapman W 131 July 10, 2012 Identity Theft As rational, self-conscious people we care about who we are and where we care from as far as our family roots. Our culture is important to us no matter what race or background we come from. The fact of the matter is we are very keen of who we are and what make us who we are because we value our identity. We also want our identity to be factual and precise when it is reported by those with authority. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and a college professor at Harvard University also feels that identity is an important to an individual. He states “ identity is a person’s deeply felt convictions about who she is, and what matters most to her existence as a worker, a citizen, and a human being” ( 11). As human beings we care ourselves but most importantly, we care about how we are perceived. Sometimes our identity is taken away from us by society when we become “lost” in the world full of so many different ethnic backgrounds, languages, cultures and religions. Other times we are “forced” to conform or follow the norm. Hauuani-Kay Trask, like Gardner is a historian and professor at the University of Hawaii, she had first-hand experience in her culture being stolen and also had to conform. While growing up in Hawaii she faced many challenges and situations in which her sense of identity was taken from her by the history books written by the western historians. In her opinion the historians were very unethical when wrote the history books and gave a false report of the Hawaiians. She says “Historians, I realized, were very like missionaries. They were a part of the colonizing horde. One group colonized the spirit; the other, the mind.” (538). Task was not happy with the way that the westerners penned her culture as a failure. Even when she was trying to get an education, she could not escape

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