Identity Status Essay

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James Marcia developed a model for thinking about identity in terms of four identity statuses. The components of this model are: foreclosure, diffusion, moratorium, and achievement. 1. Foreclosure: Individuals who are in foreclosure status have made a commitment without going through a decision-making process, which involves reexamining choices and exploring options. 2. Identity Diffusion: The individual is not in the midst of a crisis. They may have gone through some exploration in the past, but no commitment was made. 3. Moratorium: Individuals in moratorium are actively exploring their options, but not yet ready to make a commitment. 4. Identity Achievement: The status in which the individual has experienced an identity crisis and has made a commitment to their identity. An example of these stages in an adolescent’s life could be described in the situation of a young boy who grew up on a farm. His childhood was spent doing chores and from an early age knew that he knew his father's plan for him was to take over the farm when he retired. He is now an adolescent and he never questions what needs to be done. He knows it is important to come home straight after school to get his chores done and never questions his parent’s authority. This stage would be considered “foreclosure”. When the boy enters high school, he attends a job fair and is interested to hear of some exciting careers. His teacher notices he is very good in math and science and encourages him to take an aptitude test from which he gets the idea of becoming an engineer. He starts to question if the family farm is really where he wants to spend the rest of his life. He realizes that his father would be very upset if he didn’t follow through with the plan he had for his son taking over the farm some day. This stage would be recognized as

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