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Identity Speech Have you ever wondered what makes you who you are? The answer lies within your identity. Good afternoon to the Australian Youth Conference 2012. Many things have also shaped my identity. In life we don’t understand who we are but when we grow older we find our true selves. Your identity can be shaped by many different things like society or stereotypes, however to find our true identity we have to overcome the stereotypes. In today’s society we often turn our backs on our identity to fit in, but when we do this we don't feel comfortable. The two texts “Edward Scissor Hands” by Tim Burton and the song “Stupid Girls” by Pink both show how we are influenced by others opinions’ and as time goes on we are able to understand and accept our true self. In today’s society we change who we are so we can fit in. In the text “Edward Scissor Hands” Tim Burton uses juxtaposition to show how Edward is different through the way he dresses. He wears gothic like clothes compared to the perfect suburbia “normal” clothing. The point of this is to show that he is different from the very start. Penny dress Edward in “normal clothes”, this is symbolic of how he doesn’t fit in. The suburb assumes Edward is strange and, this reinforces the fact that people don’t like to be seen with people who have a strange identity. An example of Edward not fitting in is when he rips off his “normal” clothes, he then realised that after time he understood his true identity and could feel comfortable. To fit in with today’s society we have to change who we are, even when we change our identity we don’t feel comfortable. In the text “Stupid Girls” the Artist Pink uses a rhetorical question by saying “maybe if I act like that?”. What she means by this is that if she is going with the rest of society, we are all going for the same look and maybe even a guy may like her. By this you

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