Identity of the Part Time Indian Essay

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English II Honors Arnold's identity Its not easy for Arnold. In the novel The Absolutely True Story of a part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, the main character Arnold is a present day Spokane indian boy who lives on a reservation. Throughout the story Arnold faces many conflicts and you experience is that make him grow and develop as a character. The main struggle of the story is Arnold trying to obtain and identity and find out who he is. This would be Man vs. Himself. Arnold struggles to find a nice middle between the outkast on the reservation, and the indian traitor at the white school. Arnold is not your typical normal teenage boy, he is very awkward looking and just awkward in general. He has a speech impediment which doesn't help him make friends. His only friends on the reservation is his family and rowdy his who is his best friend. He is surrounded by drunk Indians that don't care about their future let alone anything. Arnold ultimately grew up in hopeless place. He identified himself as an outcast and nerd because he was different than everybody else. As much as he hates the reservation it is his home and home is a part of who you are. After having a conversation with his teacher, Arnold decided to go to the Reardan school. He starts going to the school expecting everyone to pick up on him, and they do at first. But then people started respecting him and accepted him because they got to know him and he had some awesome basketball skills. At the Reardan, Arnold identify himself as the guy dating the prettiest girl in the school and the school basketball star. This conflicts with his life at the reservation. People call him a traitor and give him a whole lot of crap for going to the Reardan. This conflicts in his identity because he wants to be accepted

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