Identity of Place Essay

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Peter Gall V English 100 10/6/14 Dr. Chris Ervin Club YUMMM! Going to a game is always great as long as you love sports. Even for others who are not big sports fans, it is still amazing to get to see some of the earth’s greatest athletes play right before you. Not on the Television or our Tablets, but in person. The atmosphere is great. Hot dogs, Beer, Yelling and great people all around you. It is like nothing else in the world. Though I thought these things, I was wrong, not all sporting events are solely about the game unfolding before the fans watching. Sometimes it’s about the fans more than it is the players on the court. Weston Walters, a fan at the big game, says that he “Loves coming to the games because everyone is happy.” He laughed after that, going on to say that sometimes it is rowdy inside of the “KFC Yummm! Center”. “It is fun coming to NBA games because it’s not like ordinary collegiate games.” During the game a smaller percentage of people are watching what’s happening in the game, the other portion are paying attention to the games and activities happening around the arena. The fans came from all over in different jerseys. From UK, U of L, New Orleans, Miami, BYU and some others. What stood out was that most of the fans were not here to watch the two teams that they paid to watch. Most were present to cheer on players from former teams like UK and such. Most of all, Russ Smith from the University of Louisville. That being were the arena is located made truckloads come for him. Two African American men keep screaming, “We want Russ!” That eventually became an entire crowd chant. It worked. The coach decided to throw him in the game and the fans are loud. Every time Russ did something good, it went haywire. Anthony Davis also had these cheers. He started the game and played very well. Being from UK, many people were loud for
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