Identity Essay(Can Be Used As Ort For Belonging)

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Area of Study Search for Identity Critical Response “An individual’s relationships with others can strengthen or challenge their search for identity...” A sense of identity can emerge from the connection made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world. The relationships that we share with others are a telling factor when it comes to ones search for identity. Whether these relationships are positive or negative, they provide a foundation for one’s search for identity to be built upon. The relationships in one’s life, though challenging, will eventually strengthen one’s search for identity. Steven Herrick’s, verse novel, Lonesome Howl, 2006, explores this very notion of identity. Both characters, Lucy and Jake’s, are searching for something more than what is already in their lives, an identity. It is through their relationships that ultimately leads them to who they are. Additionally, Eric Smith's digital photo story, Strength in Love, 2010, looks at the devastating role that negative relationships can have in challenging one’s search for identity. This media allows the use of imagery, audio narration and a soundtrack to get it’s notions of identity across to the viewer. The story highlights the effects that growing up without parental guidance can have on an individual’s journey. Both texts reinforce the varying aspects that relationships have in one’s search for identity. The relationships that we have with our parents can either give someone a strong sense of identity or have them questioning who they really are. The outlook that parents have are influential on the perspective of their children. This is clear to see in the way that both characters view the geographical location in which they live. Jake is proud of where he lives, and the family heritage associated with it, “they worked on the farm, just like we do now, just like we

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