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Identity Essay

  • Submitted by: Vietminh91
  • on December 2, 2013
  • Category: English
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What Makes Me, Me
Ever wondered what life would be like if one specific event has or has not occurred, have you considered the fact that your life events defines your identity, let us dive a little deeper into this topic for a while. The person that I have become today is defined by many past experiences. The person I was in the past would have said or done things to hurt others without knowing the outcome and my lack of work ethic would help me to mature to the person that my friends and family see today.
To begin with, my short temperedness would cause me to physically hurt someone in the heat of the moment. After venting out my anger through physical abuse, I felt like I was in a deep dark pit of misery. My family for example, would easily push my buttons. Back in my younger days, my cousin would bother me constantly and got me all riled up. I tried to tell her to stop, but she would not listen, then I exploded and punched her, the annoying ugly little brat, and caused her to cry (how I felt about her at the time). It always pained me when I see tears coming from another family member’s eyes, but I felt appalled of myself knowing that those tears came down because of me. From that day on, I learned to be more patient even if I find the person to be bothersome and being angry does not give me the right to hurt someone. Not only has my anger physically abuse someone, but it has caused verbal abuse.
Furthermore, not only have I physically abuse someone out of anger, but I also use verbal abuse. The most eventful verbal abuse I had with someone was my mother on a day I will never forget. This inconceivable argument was simply over the fact she was tired from a long day of work and how she yelled at me for not cleaning up the house.   The fact that she was yelling at me got so infuriated to the point where I cussed at her left and right. My mind just exploded like a raging volcano, words were just spilling out of my mouth like a waterfall and before I knew it she...

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