Identity Crisis Essay

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Identity has many components - physical, sexual, social, vocational, moral, ideological and psychological characteristics- that make up total self ( Grotevant, 1987 ). Identity is one of the biggest difficulties in the adolescents life. Without the appropriate structure before approaching and during the stage of adolescent by family young male and females can be faced with self destruction. Even though, adolescence dance to the beat of their own drum, they still need guidance. I was once one of those adolescence in which I always want to learn things on my own, figure things out and needed no help. James Marcia help me better understand the stages I was going threw and explain why this occurred. While considering my adolescent years on my identity, I came to the realization that at a point of time during adolescent i experience what Marcia called identity foreclosure, identity diffusion, identity achievements and identity moratorium. As a adolescent growing up we go through phase in which not even we understand. At the time of going threw these phase we do not know that these are actually phase, instead just choices that we make because that is what we feel at the time. James Marcia stated , Identity crisis- intense exploration - search for acceptable commitments. He described identity as adolescent trying to find out who they are, what do they want to become, how they value them self and who do they want to be? One of the identity crisis I can remember going through, although i did not know at the time that it was a crisis, was the dispute over my name. At the time there was another girl in my class that had the same name spelled the exact way. Obviously as you already know my name is Desiree with the long E sound at the end. As a adolescent I hated that name so I choose to write on everything that I had to put my name on as Desirrè pronounced Desiray.
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