Identity Construction Essay

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Growing up in the low income and gang affiliated community that I did, Identity was significant to everyone without even knowing it. I have now come to realize that who we were, who we hung out with, and our nationality mattered in our city. Being a male living in a certain part of town made me even more aware of who I was and of my surroundings. Since most of the people in my city were of Hispanic origin, my ethnic identity really didn’t matter because it was assumed that I was “Mexican”, which I am. But that is how my neighborhood identity and community identity become significant. I was often asked where I was from, not only by members of my own community but also when traveling to neighboring cities. This became normal to me not only because it was part of my surroundings but because my family and peers also identified themselves in this manner. Because of this I believe that my family and peers have had the most significant impact as to how I identified myself while growing up. This is what I knew until I grew up and realized that it wasn’t that important once it came to being a working adult in the real world. I realized that there was more out there than I had experienced. There were many more ethnicities to befriend, more activities to engage in and more of the world to experience. What I believe has shaped my identity and has helped me become who I am today the most is my son. My son is now 5 years old but when he was born I knew that he was going to change my life and who I was. I realized that I had to become a member of the working society and was going to aim higher to raise him right and provide for his needs and wants. He is the reason I hold jobs, have come back to school, and know not to let myself become simply an identity of my neighborhood, but a functioning member of society. I have learned that Identity to me was more of a “label” than who

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