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Exploring Issues of Identity & Belonging - Study Notes Sometimes Gladness by Bruce Dawe Growing Up Asian in Australia edited by Alice Pung Skin directed by Anthony Fabian The Member of The Wedding by Carson McCullers Overview of Identity & Belonging Questions of belonging and identity are fundamental to being human. ‘Who am I,’ ‘Where am I going,’ and ‘where do I belong’ are questions that we ask ourselves every day. Since these questions are so significant in our lives, issues of identity and belonging are the foundations for any text. Identity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our identity is informed and shaped by the people, groups and things around us. Identity and belonging, for that reason, are almost synonymous. We work out who we…show more content…
Certainly this is the way we often represent life in a text (particularly narrative texts such as Witness) - as a journey that people or characters are going on. Whether a text is fiction or non fiction, looking at the text through a framework of ‘The Journey of Identity and Belonging’ can help us understand which issues of identity and belonging are given particular significance in this text. The stages of the identity journey are listed below: • One and apart from the world: In this stage of the journey a character or person belongs to one or several places, cultures or groups yet feels apart from it. A group, culture or place can have a strongly defined sense of identity - yet a character or person can question how much they ‘belong’ or to what extent their identity is shaped by the places, groups or cultures. • Reason to question and challenge certainties: In this stage, a catalyst arises for a character or person to actively question their sense of identity or belonging. This may arise because of identity conflicts that emerge from competing places, groups or cultures or because an event occurs

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