Identity and Belonging Essay

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To from an identity is not one of man’s fickle desires but a never ending hunger that must be sufficed. Yet, the process of forming an identity is long and difficult. One that can be aided by making mistakes. Why? The answer is simple Making mistakes can inevitably shape our identity and enable us to answer the ultimas “Who am I?” . Often committing mistakes can mean you are ostracised from the group you belong to stripping us of a group identity forcing us to form our own identity. Yet the ones identity is largely effected by the way one deals wit the consequences of these mistakes . However for some making mistakes does not effect their dienty but only changes the perception of other of them ` Making mistakes can often result in being out casted by the group you belong to stripping form this group identity and forcing us to form our own. The multi – faceted trait of identity means a number of factors often influence our true identity - the biggest indeed being the groups you belong to. Often when you belong to a group such as your familial unit their values ca influence yours . However often it is the case that their values predominate yours and your identity is jaded . it is this case that mistakes can help shapes one identity. Making mistakes wheheter they are big or small inevitably changes . yet sometimes it is the big mistakes that can lead to you be ostracised and tripped of a group identity. One is hence forced to form their own. Without the values of other presuuring the indivul , one can ask themselves “ who am I “ and “ what od I stand for “ A classic example of this is portrayed in the heart strending personal account of iana Nyguen , “ Five ways to dissapont you Vietnemese mother “. Nyguen recalls how her personal choices were considered mistaks by her family and she was outcasted from her family her mistake to not conform to the expectations

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