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Identity In her story “Beauty: When the other dancer is the self” Alice Walker tells a tragic incident that may of changed her life. A personal identity defines who we are. On Alice's case what shaped her identity was a negative tragedy which turned into something positive. The incident with the BB gun left Alice to feel self-conscious, and embarrassed about her physical appearance that she was never really able to talk about it to others. When Alice was injured at a young age she assumed she would still look like a normal six year old, but soon enough she found herself trying to hide her scar and avoiding eye contact with anyone she spoke to. Alice grew up, got married, and had a baby. Little did she know that her baby would shape her personal identity from self-conscious to acceptance of her personal appearance. Turning eighteen, the death of a relative or friend, and having a memorable experience are different ways that our personal identity may shape because it makes us think of the events that have occurred. One of the biggest things that can identify an individual’s identity is age. Age is an important factor for individuals. Throughout the years of life everyone goes through experiences that may or may not affect their lives. When we are young we don’t worry about anything because our parents do everything for us. Also, we do not hate anyone or are hated by anyone. In the teenage years we start discovering the world, we start changing and there is nothing that can be done to stop it. When a person gets to the adult stage they take charge of their life with mostly no one’s help. Since we are more mature we act differently then when we were young. No one is the same person anymore when they grow up. Age shapes everyday social interactions. Everyone looks different when they get older, they think differently, and they act differently.

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