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Discovering our identity is both challenging and ongoing. People can find new aspects of their identity everyday, from new experiences and partaking in different activities with different people. An individual can spend their whole life searching for answers about themselves and about their life. However, for some people, their identity comes more naturally. Discovering our identity comes from learning about our heritage, our language and finding where we belong. Learning about our heritage can be crucial in discovering our identity. Our culture and genetics makes up a big part of who we are. Uncovering more about our own culture can be eye opening, and can help shape who we become. One of my friends was adopted from Vietnam. Although he fits in with the Australian culture very well and identifies as being Australian, a strong part of him is still connected to Vietnam. His parents recently took him on a holiday to Hanoi, which is where he was born. This experience was very enlightening for him, and taught him so much about himself as a person. This is an example of how discovering more about our cultural background can help us in discovering aspects of our identity. Language is the most important factor in communication, and being unable to speak the major language of the country can cripple a person’s social life. This can lead to abandonment of your original language in order to learn the new. Ivy Tseng in ‘Growing Up Asian in Australia’ avoids Chinese in favour of English. She succeeds in belonging to her school community and the wider social level, but her lack of Chinese acts as a barrier between Ivy and her father causing them to gradually move apart from each other. Therefore it is clear that belonging to one group can also affect belonging to another making it harder for us to find the right people to help find our identity. Interacting with different

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