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At first glance Romeo may seem like your average Verona citizen, but closer analysis reveals otherwise. Romeo has many characteristics which makes him stand out amongst your average Verona resident. Throughout the play, Romeo is portrayed as a fearless, faithful, and occasionally impulsive individual. These characteristics account for his many successes and are liable for his downfall. Romeo is a risk taker; this can easily be discerned from his actions. Near the beginning of the play, Romeo attends the Capulet’s party uninvited. This act of trespassing is indisputably risky, and shows that Romeo is willing to take risks for a good cause(in this case, to see Rosaline). Another instance that depicts Romeo as a risk taker is when he returns to see Juliet in the Capulet’s balcony. “Can I go forward when my heart is here? Turn back, dull earth, and find thy center out”(2.1.1), once again Romeo enters his enemy’s territory uninvited, affirming his risk taking persona. Next on our list is faithfulness. It is unquestionable that Romeo is faithful to love. This allegation can be easily vindicated by the fact that he is willing to commit suicide to be with Juliet. Standing next to Juliet, Romeo proclaims: ""until death do us part": "I still will stay with thee; / And never from this palace of dim night / Depart again" (5.3.106-108). Romeo is saying that he is going to commit suicide so that he can be with Juliet for eternity. Another instance that supports this claim is Romeo’s willingness to marry Juliet. Most people would agree that marriage is the ultimate act of faithfulness between two individuals. The fact that Romeo agrees to marry Juliet after only knowing her for a few hours attests to his faithfulness. From his actions, it can be deduced that Romeo acts occasionally on impulse. Romeo’s spontaneous actions are one of the main driving forces of the play. It

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