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Our surroundings and the people in our lives shape our identity. Identity is an indeterminable concept inspired within every individual. Meaning “the same” in Latin, it is a self-contradictory phrase suggesting both similarity and difference. Our identity indicates a relationship with a social group yet manages to differentiate us from other people. We are the product of our environment, differing according to our national and cultural identity, highlighting that what we share with others somewhat effects our sense of self. By thoroughly analyzing all three texts I have come to understand their close relations with identity. Produced by Andrew Niccol, the fiction film Gattaca successfully exhibits Vincent and Jerome’s journey of sheer determination in the hunt of aspiration. The people in their surroundings thoroughly influence the directions they travel for Vincent to obtain an identity of genetic perfection and transform his dreams into reality. In 1984, George Orwell demonstrates his visualization of existence in a time where totalitarianism has eliminated individuality, choice and personal identity. The scenario indicates that identity can only exist when the environment consents therefore highlighting Winston’s exploration of courage in the battle to maintain his individuality. I have appropriately selected the popular rap song ‘Wings’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, as it highlights consumerism by unraveling society’s captivation and addiction to logos, labels and popularity status, when owning a recognizable brand. We are able to apprehend the control consumerism has over each individual’s sense of self, although the song paints a broader picture of how today’s society allows their retail infused desire, to alter their identity. The three texts allow us to assess the outcome society has on the modification of our true identity. It is an essential part of

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