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Juana S. Sanchez EN 101 Composition I December 3, 2013 Formal assignment 1: My Identity Our identity is what makes us different from everybody else. It takes a long time to learn who we truly are. Some people spend their whole lives trying to find this out. Society and experiences play a big role in who we are. One of the events that marked significantly my identity and shaped my personality was leaving my home at an early age. I moved to a city; where my father’s sister lived in order to continue with my college degree. My life in my aunt’s home gave me a chance to be part of a totally different family lifestyle, and helped me to understand what it means to have a stable family life, to understand what it meant to be a woman and a mother. My mother is a good example of a hard working woman. She is a shy and quiet person, very thin. Which always and made me think of her as a little girl, but she raised us and took care of our family. My father was also a good person he worked very hard with long hours to provide for our family. My mother had a total of 8 children which meant she was always, changing diapers, feeding us cleaning clothes etc. But the most remarkable thing was how she would wake up every school day, one or two hours early and question us about our homework or tested us just to be sure if we are prepared for our class. She never mentioned how tired she felt, and would never complain about her life. I remember how she would dance by herself while she was cooking. That image of my mother made me decide how many kids I wanted and how many I was able to raise. The most important moment that molded my identity was leaving my Mother and father and moving in with my Aunt. I remember how I would cry every single night, missing my family, especially my sisters and brothers. During one weak moment I called my father and said, “please take me back

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