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The Fun Home is a very complex book that develops and opens many serious topics. The book opens with the connection between gender and identity. I think these two things are impossible without each other and a person cannot form in full and complete personality without both. In the story, tell about of girl that name is Alyson how she understand that she is lesbian and how she live with this. The book show controversy surrounding the story of Alyson, and whether her gender does or does not affect her identity.. (The second half of this intro just describes the book. Please don’t do that. It is a good practice to mention the book at this point, but the focus should stay on your ideas about the book: your thesis and analysis. The first half of the intro is more successful because it begins to respond to the book. I like your focus on the relationship between gender and identity. Please continue to develop your ideas about that. They should be the focus of the whole essay, starting in the intro.) Gender is very significant part in person identity because your gender define what role you play in society. Basically gender define woman or man you are. Many people in our society have this stereotype that gender define by what sexual orientation person have, but this is not true for me a person’s sexual orientation is just a small part of that person’s identity; it does not define person character for me. The complex person gender form by male and female personality traits, stereotypes, and attitudes related to forms and patterns of behavior. Individual gender characteristics are not always closely interrelated, because they depend on several different factors. Each gender characteristic may have a history of development and be based on stereotypes of the environment. (You’re just describing here. What are your ides about this relationship? While

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