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Personal Identity Paper My name is Harry . I’m a 31 year old male with a simple desire to further my education, to benefit myself and the lives of others. I’m a recovering alcoholic/addict that has been sober a little under two years. Since I have been sober my life has been rocketed into a fourth dimension. My life has finally taking on a new meaning and purpose. I’m able to be a father, son, brother, role model, and a productive member of society. Below I have answered a few questions outlining my life. 1. What I find most satisfying these days is using my life experiences to benefit others. Being in recovery and working at a homeless shelter is very meaningful. To me there isn’t a greater joy than helping another person with their struggles. My life has a purpose and its very fulfilling, I’m able to be a good role model for my children and have fun doing it. I never thought in a million years it would be so enjoyable and meaningful helping and aiding others to recover from alcoholism or hopelessness. 2. I totally believe that nothing absolutely nothing happens by mistake. However, I also believe that we influence a lot of things that happen to us in life. I also live the 90/10 rule, 10% of life is what happens and the other 90% is how we react. 3. My whole life I have never believed in anything. I wasn’t raised with any type of spiritual beliefs nor influenced into any certain belief. After a lot of self-imposed pain and suffering I prayed for the first time. As life unfolded and I got sober God had revealed his presence of always being in my life. Now in recovery I have been pursing Catholicism and currently in the RCIA (Rites Christianity Initiation for Adults) program at St. Joe and Paul Parrish. I’m really inspired by the traditional beliefs of Roman Catholicism. This is a nine month education of the faith that will end on Easter with communion

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