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Identity As you go through different stages in your life, your identity will change. As you grow up, you will mature. The things you experience and people you encounter will alter your appearance and change your attitude. People change whether it’s physically, emotionally or even spiritually. Identity impacts the decisions you make, defines who you are and changes as you mature. Friar Laurence made a variety of important and strong willed decisions. The protestors in "Forbidden City” sacrificed their lives for change and equal rights. Andy from “On the Sidewalk Bleeding” made an important realization about his identity. Friar Laurence would never be the same after the unfortunate events he experienced. Identity has a major impact on the decisions you make. Friar Laurence from William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” made a series of decisions that impacted his identity. First, Friar married Romeo and Juliet even though he was aware of the feud that took place between their two families. His attempt in doing this was to stop the fighting. Second, Friar was very hesitant towards Romeo. Romeo told Friar that he was in love with Juliet, but the previous day, he had claimed he was in love with Rosaline. Friar doubted Romeo’s commitment because he thought Romeo was impulsive and would fall in love with every pretty girl he saw. Third, Friar is very spiritual and faithful. He did not want to marry Juliet to Paris while she was already married to Romeo because it would go against his beliefs. He decided to stick to his religion and spirituality, which shows his passionate personality. In conclusion, Friar Laurence made decisions that would soon impact his own identity and the lives of his loved ones. Sixteen-year-old Andy made a decision and realization about his true identity, after being stabbed. Identity changes as you mature and experience new

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