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“Our identity is shaped by forces beyond our control” Ones identity is not fixed, it fluctuates depending on how we dress, what we wear, what we do and quite frankly can be shaped by forces beyond our control. The intrinsic perceptions that others uphold of us, can be a base as to how we may be seen by many other peers, and in a strange sense our peers are like a mirror that reflect back to us who we represent. Our upbringings additionally induce us with a variety of beliefs and virtues that remain within us forever, and whilst this is a force well beyond our control, and in the hands of parents, it plays a pivotal role in the shaping of our identity. On the other hand, yet still a force beyond our control, those unexpected events whether chaotic or phenomenal are a great factor in the construction of our specification. Whilst external forces can exert their influence upon one’s identity there is no doubt that a strong sense of self can transcend and overcome these forces. Although external forces such as the perceptions that others have of us may be an overwhelming factor in the shaping of who we appear to be, if oneself has a strong enough interior, these forces can easily be overcome. Throughout his entire career as a professional cyclist Lance Armstrong was seen by the entire globe as a heroic and inspirational human and had many times being accused of participating in an illegal performance enhancing scandal. Until recently, the powerful government body of USADA alleged Armstrong of drug use throughout his entire career outlining his participation in the illegal doping, with a 3000 page document filled with evidence. However, whether or not the heroic figure actually used drugs or not, a large majority of the world now sees him as a cheat. Although, if his ability within himself and if his intrinsic self forces are powerful enough to overcome the

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