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What is identity? What is social identity? Categories of social identity - group/collective, situated, relational. Marked identities/othering Inequalities Some of the many identities that we have may be things such as a mother, a daughter, a wife, a student, a worker, a consumer, a southerner, a fan of a particular group or club. I have a relational identity with my children, to my 10 year old he may often feel that this relationship is not equal as he is the child and I am the parent, thus he sometimes has to do things that he doesn't want to, and may feel that this is unfair. I am a father but as stated above, I also have other identities. When I go to tutorials my identity changes to that of a student. This identity is both situational, with regards to where I am and the situation that I am in, and it is also a group/collective identity as I am with other people that I have something in common with, and we fall into the category of students. (Share a common identity). There are many categories and we feel safer with those that fall into the same category as ourselves, and are similar to us. (Similarity and difference). These aspects of social identity all overlap. Some of our identities are biological, that is our age, gender, race, ethnicity...... Some of our identities are a result of places, ie our nationality, If we gravitate towards those we share similarities with, and those in the same group/collective identity category and we share gender similarities - we don't gravitate away from those of the opposite sex. In this essay I will seek to explain how social identity is often characterised by inequalities. There are various aspects that make up a social identity. These can be group/collective, situational or relational. All three of these aspects People of the same nationality or gender share an identity. This is called

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