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In recent years, the crime rates have been declining since 1991. Significantly, property crime dropped down 26% from 1992 to 2002. Yet, people are more worried due to white-collar crime nowadays. The term “white-collar crime” was invented by Professor Edwin Sutherland to describe a calculated, clever deception for unlawful profit. One of the common white-collar crimes that people are paying more attention than anything else is the identity theft. Even though this is not new to us, it is spreading throughout to its million people over the world and the financial services industry. Identity theft abuses the personal identification of others for his/her own fraudulent purposes. According to a survey conducted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2006, it takes the victims 200 million hours to recover from its darn damages. In general, most people are not educated about this crime at all; therefore, the purpose of this research paper is to answer all the questions people wonder about the identity theft: 1. What is identity theft? 2. How does identity theft cost us? 3. What should we do to protect ourselves from identity theft? This review of the literature on identity theft will focus on the answer for those three questions. What is identity theft? Identity theft is a common misuse of another person’s identity, such as names, social security number, bank account, credit card numbers, etc. without his/her permission. “[Identity theft] is not a classic, clear-cut case of deviance” (Sutherland, 1945). According to Identity Theft Resource Center, Nonprofit Organization (ITRC), there are three main types of identity theft: financial identity theft, criminal identity theft, and identity cloning. First, financial identity theft is to use another individual’s personal information to get services or money. A simple of this financial identity theft would be bank

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