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How the iPhone is apart of my identity The iphone has ben around for many years. Each year it gets better and better. The iPhone is apart of my identity because you can learn a lot about me from the information on my celluar device. Just by looking at the apps I have, music I listen too, the kind of pictures I take and the way it is customized. My iPhone never leaves my side: it is a part of me and I keep it in good condition. It is customized just the way I like it and my identity can be shown through it. Identity is your choice and how you want to be known as. The way my iPhone is customized it shows you about my identity. When you click on the home button you have your lock screen where you can customize the background that you see. You can either have a password or a word or nothing at all. You slide to unlock and then you are at your home screen. Your home screen is where you see all your apps. Along with the apps that come with the phone, you can also add as many apps as you would like by going to the app store. You may cusotmize your apps by putting them in folders or rearranging them to your liking. You can also move then around so that the ones you use a lot can be the front page and then you can scroll around for the ones that you do not use that often. Also you can have different wallpapers for your home screen background then your lockscreen background. On my iPhone I have two different wallpapers and a passcode. I only have one page so that way I do not have to scroll and all my apps are in folders. Another way that the iPhone plays a part in my identity is because the iphone is also an ipod. There are many different kinds of music in the world so you can figure out my identity by the kind of music that I listen too. On my iPhone you would find a diverse type of music from country to hip hop to rock. So you can see that

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